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Directional drilling is a method of installing pipes and ducts
underground as an alternative to traditional open cut techniques, or in
areas where these methods are no practical, by utilising directional
drilling it minimises disruption to the public and the environment.
Directional drilling can be utilised in various ground conditions ranging
from cohesive to rock. 

Installations can be carried out under road, rails, rivers or other areas
where traditional methods are not suitable, installation lengths of in
excess of 1000m have been achieved and diameters of up to 1000mm
have been successfully completed.

The method of directional drilling is capable of 4 way dimensional
steer allowing the operator to complete the first stage pilot bore to a
pre-determined bore path and allow them to correct and make any
changes where necessary.  The hole is opened up to a size suitable to
installed the product pipe, this is termed as back reaming and this
process can take place in various stages.  Once the reaming has been
completed the product pipe is pulled back to the machine and the job

Horizontal directional drilling is carried out by jetting and pumping of
fluids throughout the whole process, this is aided by adding
bentonite, bentonite substitutes and polymers which removes the
cuttings while the holeis being reamed.  Bentomite and Polymers also
add bore stability and lubrication to enable a smooth pulling of the
product pipe.

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